5 Things that happen when you start dressing well at work

If you want to live a better life, you can start by dressing better. This is just one of the sayings that connect dressing well with increased levels of success. Is it just a myth? Highly unlikely as multiple studies showed the changes that occur once you start dressing well at work.

People do judge you by the clothes you wear, and the first impression does make a difference. Your attire gives signals about your level of education, the mood, the level of self-confidence, and even your interest, maturity, authority, and life values. Many times, people around us “hear” more from the discourse of our clothing, then the things we say. The way we dress is a form of non-verbal communication if you think about it, so it is just as important as your actual words. Dressing well at work must take into consideration the culture, the age, and the event, among others.

Once you start dressing well for work, you’ll notice a few things happening, such as:

1. Increased self-confidence

Several studies performed over the years show that the way we look can change the way we feel. When you know you are dressed well, your confidence level is higher, and you feel better and prepared to tackle each and every challenge.

2. Willingness to embrace changes

Dressing differently is a significant change on its own. But it is also a change that will prove its benefits shortly along the way. This can lead to the willingness to embrace changes in other areas of the professional field too.

3. Dress smart, feel smarter

The way we dress influences our feelings about self. A recent study (Columbia University, 2015) showed that once dressed better, people felt more powerful and confident, and this, in turn, increased the chances to adopt a higher, more abstract thinking.

4. Visible personal style

A well defined personal style is proof of a strong personality. The clothes you wear represent you as a person. Choosing to wear neutral clothes that don’t say anything can make you look afraid to take risks or unwilling to draw attention to you. And this is not ideal for someone who wants to be successful at work.

5. You look more trustworthy and competent

Your work attire can be a sign of self-confidence and professionalism, or, just the opposite of slacking and lack of interest. Dressing well at work can make you look more trustworthy and competent in the eyes of your colleagues, clients, and business partners. To impress the audience, you should bet on a mix of competence and the message you send with your presence.