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How to dress like an individual – when you are required to dress like everyone else.

You don’t have to wear a specific colour or pattern to show your individuality. You don’t have to wear a specific colour or pattern to show your individuality. You can
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How to attract women to male-dominated roles

Why are there so few women in tech/startups/entrepreneurship? Should we wear pink or not wear pink? These questions have been discussed to death. I’m not here to add another voice
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How to Receive a Compliment

Compliments are a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they can be lovely to receive. But on the other hand, they can cause anxiety because we don’t know how to
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How to Choose a Work Mentor

Choose someone whose work you respect. When choosing a mentor, you should select someone whose work you respect. A good mentor will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence
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How to Give a Compliment to Someone Without Mentioning Their Appearance

A culture of compliments can make people feel more connected and appreciated. However, if you notice that the recipient is uncomfortable or deflecting your praise, try to move on with
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The secret dress code – what NOT to wear to a business meeting

People form an opinion about individual competencies from the first seconds they see a person. It is not the speech manner or the knowledge that first contributes to the forming
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5 Things that happen when you start dressing well at work

If you want to live a better life, you can start by dressing better. This is just one of the sayings that connect dressing well with increased levels of success.
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Reflective tape – glass beads and prismatic

Reflective clothing is mandatory for workers in specific environments who are prone to risks due to lack of proper visibility. Generally speaking, reflective clothing is worn over regular or working
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Packing for a conference

Packing for a business conference can be tricky for most of us. Often, there is a need to travel light, but at the same time, we need to stay on
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