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About us

Hi, I'm Emma

There are few things you need to know about me. Firstly I’ve worked in construction for 20 years and before that, mining. I’ve also had stints in petroleum and manufacturing. In my time, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements have changed enormously.

Secondly I love fashion and clothes. I even called my consultancy SHOES (Safety, Health, Environmental Operations Systems). Yes, I’m that person who gets stopped to discuss my shoes, handbag or clothes. I’m ‘the-go-to-girl’ for friends who need to shop or assemble an outfit for an occasion. I’ve even been asked ‘Do you have a fashion blog? I’d follow you!’

As improbable as it seems, my two passions – heavy industry and fashion – were destined to collide!

How did this happen?

Well a few things occurred. Over the last 20 years PPE requirements have evolved. I’m required to wear additional PPE and I’ve even handed out PPE. Inevitably I’d be given (or be giving out) another set of men’s shirts and men’s pants. Shirts that fit my shoulders had no place for my breast. Shirts that fit my breast looked like a tent. And don’t get me started on pants that don’t understand hips! Even worse there are still some types of PPE that only come in Men’s! Thanks!

The other thing that happened is my life got interesting. My days could be spent on site, in executive meetings and then out for dinner with friends. All great things but at the beginning of the day my diary might show me sitting at my desk preparing plans all day, only to have a concrete pour bought forward or something else happening on site that needed my attention. The next thing I know I’m running off to find a toilet or ducking behind a parked car to change into my PPE. And if I can’t do that I wind up ruining a perfectly great blazer or shirt with a filthy vest. And yep. It works the other way too. I might plan to be on site only to get an urgent call for a management meeting, client meeting or a request to attend a networking function. And I’m stuck looking androgynous in my all-male ensemble….

So I decided to make my own PPE uniform.

Items I want to wear, fabrics I choose. Styles that account for the female form and are comfortable. Clothes that not only meet Australian Standards but successfully (and fabulously!) transition me from office-2-site.

I’ve been wearing my own uniform on site for six months and I have heard your requests. I want that jacket! I need those pants! I hope you like the first product we have available for sale – I call it the Solution to my Dilemma. It’s a comfortable, smart, reversible blazer – black on one side and high vis on the other – ensuring you effortlessly meet all the day and night work standards while looking stylish at the same time.

Tell me what uniform you require and to find about the release of new products, Follow us on Instagram and Like us Facebook.

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