Denim jeans and women’s fashion

Fashion trends can change from one day to the other, and each season always brings something new. This is fashion, and we all know the rules. But fashion would have been very different if for a few people who have entirely revolutionized the trends of their time. A few inventions such as the mini skirt or the little black dress are considered benchmarks. And there are denim jeans, and we can all agree that they have forever changed the world of women’s fashion and they are here to stay.

Nowadays, most women wear jeans, some even for work, others just for casual wear. But not all know the history of jeans. While the evidence shows that pants similar to jeans existed in Europe 500 years ago (in Genova, Italy), the Americans are the ones that made history as the inventors of the most popular trousers of all times.

Created from a thick and resistant fabric that made them a durable choice for workers, the first line of jeans dedicated exclusively to women was produced in 1935 by Levi’s. Women’s jeans had a particular cut, meant to emphasize their shape. Later on, around 1950, the jeans become a regular choice not only for workers but also for people opposing conformism and wanting to stand out from the crowds. The hippie movement turned the jeans into a versatile part of any outfit.  The jeans became the norm for the teenagers of the 60s. Celebrities such as Elvis Presley and James Dean were the initiators of the jeans trend on the big screen. The jeans became overly popular in America and then all over the world as a symbol of the protests of the pop culture.

When it comes to denim jeans and women’s fashion, an iconic image is one of Marilyn Monroe in the movie “The Misfits” (1961). The famous actress was probably the first to reveal the spectacular appeal of jeans on women. The tomboyish look she exhibited in the movie is different from the sequins and glitter of her usual appearance and a statement that women can do both casual and classy, in a heartbeat.

The 1980s brought us designer jeans, and since then the denim started to be a regular presence on the catwalks from all over the world, year after year. Nowadays, jeans are a part of our wardrobe and speak volumes about our personal style and the choices we make.