High visibility clothing

High visibility clothing is necessary when operating heavy machinery. It is also mandatory when working at night time or in exceptional weather conditions. Groundwork in airports and working in traffic zones also need high visibility clothing. And this is to name just a few work conditions that require wearing this type of clothing. High visibility clothing is mandatory for the safety of the person wearing it, and it has the role of signalling the worker’s presence in the area. While wearing high visibility clothing, workers can be more easily noticed, and accidents can be avoided.

For the human eye, it is the moving forms that are in contrast with the surrounding environment that are easy to see. This is the reason why strong, contrasting colours such as neon yellow, orange, or red are more popular and used for the design and creation of high visibility clothing. Reflective tapes that can be positioned strategically on the body and around the extremities can signal even better the position and the movement of the worker. These tapes have the role of reflecting the light to the source of light, and the contrast with the background fabric can significantly increase visibility. The background material is often fluorescent and a type of pf polyester. In other words, the fabric is meant to absorb ultraviolet light and reflect it in a spectrum visible to the human eye. This is the reason why the fluorescent material gets increased visibility in the presence of natural light. The fluorescent fabric combined with reflective tapes can ensure increased efficiency of the high visibility clothing.

 There are several safety levels of the high visibility clothing, depending on the quantity of reflective and fluorescent material used. The lowest level of visibility (pants with reflective tapes on them, for example) can be used when the risks of injury are minimal or in combination with other reflective safety equipment. A medium level of safety for high visibility clothing is associated with reflective vests. These vests need to have two reflective tapes of 50 mm around the waist or one horizontal tape and two vertical tapes at the level of the shoulders. The highest level of safety for the high visibility clothing is represented by clothes that have reflective tapes on the arms, sleeves, but also at the level of the shoulders.