Packing for a conference

Packing for a business conference can be tricky for most of us. Often, there is a need to travel light, but at the same time, we need to stay on top of our game and have clothes and shoes for all potential events that can show up. The necessity to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle much can be in contradiction with the need of having feminine, chic, and professional-looking attire. Minimal planning of the outfits and creating a capsule collection wardrobe can be beneficial when it comes to packing for a conference. Simplify the chromatic palette and make sure all the clothes that you take with you to go together well with each other. The fewer colours you’ll have in your luggage, the more flexibility you’ll enjoy. This doesn’t mean you should only pack blacks and navy items. An ideal combination would be choosing a dark colour for the items that you will wear in more outfits (the skirt or pants) and adding two more colours for the tops (lighter colours). Make sure only to pack items that are representatives for business, business casual and smart casual styles and avoid sporty outfits or overly casual clothes. You can have one or two outfits for relaxing or going out when there is no work activity planned, but this shouldn’t take more than 25% of the space in your luggage. To make things even more straightforward when you are away, create and plan an outfit for each day and the activities scheduled. Always pack clothes that you have worn before, and you feel comfortable in them (the same goes for shoes).

After you are done choosing the clothes, complete the outfit with matching shoes and accessories, also lingerie. The shoes can take a lot of room in the luggage, so don’t pack more than two pairs. If you know you will be visiting the site, make sure to have suitable clothing and shoes with closed toes and no heels. Wear the most comfortable shoes while traveling; this should help you avoid getting swollen feet during the conference.

Another tip from frequent travellers is never to forget to pack some pills too to avoid attending the conference with a headache or a stomach ache.