The importance of dressing well

There is an art to dressing well to work or business meetings. Each person should have a personal style, even in the work field, as long as it is suitable for the line of work and job responsibilities. The way we dress sends clear signals to the other people regarding our competencies, rigorousness, and personal values. This is the reason why the image we have can play an essential role in getting a job, a new project, or more responsibilities at work.

The external image influences how others perceive a person. However, this image also speaks volumes about the organizational culture of the company where the person works. Some companies have strict dress codes when it comes to people in certain positions, and also for workers. When dressing for success is important to incorporate the company’s policies and reflect them.

Some people would argue the importance of dressing well by saying that their abilities and knowledge are their business card and the clothes they were are irrelevant. However, multiple studies beg to differ. The research shows that clothes do have the power to communicate. The studies performed by researchers so far show that women who dress well and have a more masculine attitude have higher chances of being selected for managerial positions. However, one of the studies indicates that there is an inflection point. A too masculine attire can damage the professional perspective of women. The feminine work attire represents an exciting field of study as there is no generally accepted consensus regarding what dressing well means for women in leading positions. The type of position and the field can make a big difference when it comes to dressing well. For example, for women in management positions in a financial field is more important to follow a strict dress code than for a director in an advertising agency.

In the past, most companies had strict dress codes that left little to the manifestation of the individuality of each person. Now, the rules are more democratic when it comes to work fashion. However, it is still important to dress well. Dressing well is not necessarily about the number of outfits and their price tags, but mostly about the quality, the cut, and the overall image the clothes and accessories create.

Dressing well can ensure your success in the work field. To dress with confidence, you should choose outfits that compliment your height, weight, and skin tone that are also comfortable to wear. Keep in mind that the level of comfort should be decided accordingly to the event that you have been invited too.